Decorating Grace House

Grace House is decorated for Christmas!  One of my housemates is on retreat this week but my other housemate and I had fun this morning decorating the house while we listened to Christmas music (including Sufjan Stevens of the video clip below).

I put out my manger set this year.  Past years I haven't put it out because one of my housemates had her own quite substantial collection of nativity sets and it just seemed like to much to add one more.  She's moved though, so I put mine out.  It's simple and reminds me of my mom's.  I'm going to be in California with my sister's family on Christmas day so I had to tell my housemate where I was hiding baby Jesus and ask her to put him out next Sunday.  The 3 Kings and their 2 camels are starting their long trek through the dining room. They should make it to the manger by Epiphany I think.  That was always my job as a kid, walking the kings through the house, every day a little closer.  Yes, I'm a grown up now but it's still a fun tradition.

Lastly, I set up my little mini Christmas tree.  When I closed up my apartment, I gave away the majority of my Christmas decorations. I kept the manger, and I kept a small collection of ornaments that mean something to me.  I have a little artificial tree that is just big enough for my few ornaments. It's cute and keeps me connected to Christmas memories past.  However, it already has lights on it so I couldn't put the lights on the tree.  But I could sing this song!

Happy last week of Advent everyone.  May your preparations be merry.


David Fuller said...

I *LOVE* your tradition of walking the kings through the house on their way to the manger!! "The 3 Kings and their 2 camels are starting their long trek through the dining room" gave me a good, hearty laugh and made me think I need to adopt the tradition starting next year! :) (I didn't get decorations pulled out this year or I'd start them on a journey across the kitchen today!)

Merry Christmas, Sr. Susan - and happy new year!

Susan Rose Francois, CSJP said...

Happy New Year to you as well! The kings are about ready to make a giant leap from the top of the hutch in the dining room to the bottom shelf of the cabinet where the holy family is waiting on a higher shelf. The journey to Epiphany continues!