Margaret Anna Fridays - 4 Church Women

Most Fridays, I’m going to share a quote from the founder of my groovy sisters, Margaret Anna Cusack, known in religion as Mother Francis Clare.  Today's installment is in honor and memory of Maura Clark, Ita Ford, Jean Donovan and Dorothy Kazel, four American church women who were murdered in El Salvador 31 years ago today for carrying out very their own practical Christianity with and for the people suffering from poverty, brutality and violence during the civil war.  May each of us be inspired to and move beyond the theoretical to the practical where Jesus calls us to take risks on behalf of the least of these.
So long as your Christianity is merely theoretical, they are very well pleased with you; but once they find you are practical in carrying it out, they part company with you, angrily or scornfully....
-Margaret Anna Cusack

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