Margaret Anna Fridays - Advent Edition

Most Fridays, I’m going to share a quote from the founder of my groovy sisters, Margaret Anna Cusack, known in religion as Mother Francis Clare.  Today's installment:

Consider the angelic salutation, "Hail full of grace." If Mary was full of grace before Jesus was conceived in her womb, how she must have overflowed with grace when the Fountain of grace abode within her! ... Mary was so full of grace, that there was no room for self, and no room for creatures.  Self and creatures are two great obstacles which prevent us from receiving the measure of fulness of grace which God desires to give us.  Let us ask our immaculate Mother to teach us the secret of emptying ourselves, that we may be filled with God.  Let us begin this blessed work now.  Jesus is coming very quickly; shall we not do all we can to make room for Him in our hearts? ~ M.F. Cusack, Meditations for Advent & Easter, 1866

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