I have been in Chicago the past four days. A quick but good visit. I spent the first few days with my sister and her family. My soon-to-be two year old nephew has developed an entire vocabulary since I last saw him at my final vows in November. We had a great time.

Yesterday i took the el and a bus from my sister's to the Catholic Theological Union. I am happy to report it was a super simple one hour trip. Very doable for future reference. I attended a class last night and have just been getting a feel for the place. I also caught up with a giving voice young nun friend last night over dinner which was great.

One thing I have learned about myself is that I have a sense of place. My mind, body and spirit do better in some places than others. Don't know why that is but it is true. I still have some discernment to do with community about where to go to school, but I do sense that CTU might be a good fit.

This morning I went for a walk to the lake. I have never lived in the middle of the country, but here is a lake so enormous you can pretend it is a (very calm) ocean!

Back to seattle tonight. Busy day ahead tomorrow talking to high school students about immigration.

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Anonymous said...

You will LOVE Chicago and the people!