Springing Forward

Tomorrow morning we spring forward, pushing our clocks forward one hour.  I'm hoping to spring forward into Lent, which up until this point has been insanely busy, hence the lack of blogging.  But I am hopeful that I can return to my intentions for the season and carve some space for quiet and for quality time with God.

First though, I'm taking advantage of having turned in my final paper for my History of Ancient Christianity course, which means no more homework!  I am going to visit my sister and her family for the weekend in Chicago, and then check out Catholic Theological Union.  I've been given the go ahead by my religious community to focus on full time theology studies beginning next year, and CTU is one of the schools I have applied to, the other school being the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley.  That decision lies ahead, but for now it will be great to visit CTU and get a feel for the place.  And I also get to play with my little almost 2 year old nephew which is really going to be the highlight of the weekend!

When I get back next week, hopefully I'll have a little more space and time in my schedule to get back to regular blogging.  In the meantime, I hope and pray you are having a blessed Lent!

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