Yes, people are still listening

In the midst of all the recent hullabaloo, you might be surprised to realize that not only is God still calling people to religious life (a WIDE variety of communities), people are still listening and even taking the plunge! Here's a great video from the National Religious Vocation Conference featuring younger men and women religious.  Be sure to watch until the end to check out my friend Sister Sarah, a Dubuque Franciscan, talking about "the Sister thing."


If you've been having those pesky thoughts that maybe, possibly, perhaps God might be inviting you into this wonderful crazy life of love, prayer and service, I highly recommend checking out Vision Vocation Guide (think of it as an omnibus "college catalog" of religious communities) and Vocation Match (think of it as the religious life version of online dating, only better).  Both are also sponsored by NRVC.

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