Happy Birthday Margaret Anna

Today is the birthday of Margaret Anna Cusack, whose wisdom I often share on Fridays on the blog.  She was born on this day in 1829.  Next month on June 5 the Sisters of St. Joseph of Peace will celebrate Founders Day on June 5, the day she died.  But today is her birthday.  I like to think that her attention is intensely focused on us these days, as we go about the mission she founded us for.  As she wrote in our original 1884 Constitutions:  "The very name, Sisters of Peace, will, it is hoped, inspire a desire for peace and a love for it."

When I was a novice, my class created a video that tells the story of Margaret Anna Cuscak, the founding story of the Sister of St. Joseph of Peace, the courageous response of our Sisters to the Second Vatican Council, and the ways we live out our founding mission today.  It was a labor of love. Enjoy!

Sisters of St. Joseph of Peace Charism Video from Margaret Anna Cusack on Vimeo.

Happy Birthday Margaret Anna!

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