Conversation in the park

Scene: Riverfront Park on a beautiful sunny day. Me sitting on a bench soaking it all in. Wearing my CSJP t-shirt with our Peace Cross on the front.

Random Stranger (RS): Can I bum a cigarette off you?
Me: I don't have one. Don't smoke.
RS: Where's the butt at? (presumably not believing I don't smoke.)
Me: Sorry. Not a smoker.  No cigarettes or butts to offer.  I do have some ice you can have (brandishing my cup of ice ... he looked to be suffering from the heat.)
RS: [silent pause followed by apparent blank stare, but apparently looking at my tshirt].  What's peace for? Like a hippy?
Me: Actually it's for the Sisters of St Joseph of Peace. I'm a Catholic nun.
RS: Really?
Me: Yep.
RS: [confused look squinting trying to figure it out]
Me: That's why my shirt says peace, it's inside our peace cross.
RS: [continued silent stare]
Me: Have a nice day!
RS: [walks away]

... priceless.  You can't make this stuff up!

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