Margaret Anna Fridays - nonviolent language

Most Fridays I'm going to share a quote from the founder of my religious community, Margaret Anna Cusack, known in religion as Mother Francis Clare.

Let us learn then, from the example of Jesus, how to order our words aright.  The Catholic owes an especial duty to the world in this, for the world cannot understand patience under injury, silence under calumny, or gentle and courteous language to one who has done so deadly injustice.  Yet these are the lessons which Jesus came to teach us, and the lessons of which he gave Himself the example, 'Friend, where to art thou come?'~Book of the Blessed Ones, MF Cusack, 1874
I am always amazed when I return to Margaret Anna's writings how spot on she was and is.  Daily these days we seem to have proof that the world cannot understand patience under injury or gentle and courteous langauge to the one who has done so deadly justice.  And yet this is the call of Jesus, as she often names is, our "practical Christianity." The path to peace starts in our very hards, our very words, our very relationships big and small.

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