Jubilee Celebrations

This weekend we celebrated seven women who have spent a collective 395 years as Sisters of St. Joseph of Peace.  In this crowd of amazing women we have an artist, a writer, teachers, a college professor, a nurse, a hospital administrator, a retirement home administrator, a member of the Congregation leadership team, a social outreach worker, a minister with the Native American community, parish catechists, and a food bank provider.  Yes, there are many more ministries than there are Sisters, because over the years these women have grown, taken risks, tried new things, and answered the call to follow Jesus wherever that may take them as Sisters of St. Joseph of Peace.

Jubilee Celebrations are a wonderful time to gather as community, to celebrate our Sisters, to celebrate our lives together.  During the liturgy, all the Sisters present are invited to stand and renew their vows as Sisters of St. Joseph of Peace.  It is always a touching moment, in the presence of the family and friends of the Jubilarians and our Sisters and Associates to stand and recite our renewal of vows.

As our CSJP Constitutions say:

As we live our vows each day
we trust that Christ's blessing promised
 to peacemakers will sustain us,
knowing that God working in us
will accomplish more than we can ask
 or imagine. (Constitution 62)

Only 19 years to my own silver Jubilee! I know the years will fly by!


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