The Not-so-Final Countdown

Officially I have three more days in my ministry at the peace and justice center. I say officially because I'll be back at various points over the summer for odds and ends. Also, since the center is co-sponsored by my religious community and does amazing work to promote justice in our world and church, I will always be connected. It's not really a goodbye or a see you later, but a shift in relationship and activity.

Still, after Thursday I will be a little bit more free. I will have more free time, which will be occupied by retreat, vacations, a few projects, a meeting or two, and lots of sorting, trips to goodwill and packing before I head to Chicago August 28.

I will also feel more free because I feel like I have been able to document a lot of the programs I have developed these past four years and shared the information necessary to help them to evolve. For the past two weeks I have been working with my replacement who is energetic,  committed, and has a great world view. I think I leave things in good hands which is always a good feeling.

But for now, time to pass along a little more knowledge and get a few more projects tied up.

My eyes and my heart are on Saturday when I will see the ocean and begin my retreat! That is the real countdown!!

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