Retreat Notes: Holy, Holy, Holy Ocean

This year I made a private retreat with five days at the Oregon Coast and then three days in the Columbia River Gorge.  Such wondrous beauty of creation! I'm going to share a few of my retreat notes and pictures over the next few days.  It was a graced time to be sure.

On the first full day of my retreat, I went to Sunday mass at the local parish on the coast.  Our entrance hymn was "Holy, Holy, Holy."  Later that day, I spent a good chunk of quality prayer time just watching the ocean.  The song kept coming back to me, but in the hauntingly beautiful version by Sufjan Stevens.  I had my camera, so I captured the moment in a video prayer reflection.

"Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty.
All thy works shall praise they name,
In earth and sky and sea."

Indeed.  Enjoy!

(If you watch carefully at the end, you'll see that a real live seal makes a cameo appearance.  He came almost right up to the shore just to make sure he'd make it into the video!)

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