I slept in my own bed last night. What a treat! It will only be my bed for another 12 nights until I leave for Chicago. Strange thought.

I am back from a trip full of many blessings. While I didn't sleep in my own bed, I did enjoy the wonderful hospitality of "young nun" friends both in St Louis and in DC for my visit with my dad. I have already written some impressions about St Louis. All I have to add is that I am still filled with hope and keep Archbishop Sartain and the Sisters in LCWR leadership in my prayers as they begin their dialogue.

My visit with my dad was also good. We were able to get out to see my 18 year old niece (headed to university!) and my 21 year old nephew (finishing his NASA internship!). We also saw some friends,  sorted out some paperwork, checked in on his medical situation and enjoyed some father/daughter bonding time. It was all good.

The only downside is that after my sojourn in the land of air conditioning, I am now the proud owner of a summer cold. I was prolific in my use of hand sanitizer and so am praying I did not pass it on to dad.

I am taking the cold as an invitation to ease into my giant to do list rather than jumping right into it. The countdown to Chicago is getting smaller and smaller!

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