Moving Thoughts

I am moving to the windy city in just over a week for graduate studies in theology. As one of my Sister housemates said to me in the kitchen yesterday, "I can't wrap my head around the idea that you're moving." As excited as I am about next adventures,  I can't quite wrap my head around it either!

For one thing, I am not packed. I hope to make good progress on that today and tomorrow as I want to ship a few boxes this week. I also have some lingering summer projects that I thought I would have so much time to work on. Not to mention all the visits with Sisters and friends here in the northwest before I begin my 2 year sojourn in the midwest.

All that to say I am going to take a little blog break as I finish up this 4 year Seattle chapter of my journey. I head to chicago August 28.  See all my bloggy friends when I am in my new digs.


Garpu said...

LIke I told James, a friend from my parish in Seattle, who moved to Chicago, you want Lou Malnati's (pizza the way our Lord intended) and Harold's (for all your fried chicken needs.) Accept no substitutes.

Kelly_SSJ said...

we look forward to your arrival!!! :)