Settling In

Today was a settling in kind of day.  First order of business was a good night's sleep in my new-to-me bed.  I was so tired, I probably would have slept like a log anywhere, but it was nice to accomplish that feat in my own bed.

After making (and eating) a yummy nutritious breakfast, I joined my Sisters from afar in praying the morning office.  I'm using the same book that we use in our three regional centers and in many of our houses, so that's a great way to stay connected in prayer with my CSJP Sisters even though I'm living away from home these days.

Then I went for a long walk, first over to the lake and then exploring a bit of Hyde Park, bought a few more groceries and some bits and bobs to finish up my room.When I got back from my walk my last boxes had arrived!  I was able to unpack them and put the finishing touches on my corner room where I anticipate spending much time these next two years.  I have to say, I'm pretty pleased with the end result.  It feels like the sleep/study/prayer space of a 40 year old woman religious graduate student rather than a dorm room.  I'm happy with that over all effect since that's who I am!

In the end, I didn't ship any of my artwork to adorn my walls.  Today as I was window shopping at the local office supply store, I saw some acrylic plastic sign holders that can be hung with string and had a brain flash.  The end result is that I now have three 8X10 photographs of my own retreat photography adorning my walls.  The added bonus is that since I hung the sign holder/frames with clear fishing line, I was able to use the nails that were already in the wall (left over from the generic hotel-like art that I removed from the walls yesterday).  So now as I sit in my comfy chair, I see photos of beauty and wonder that bring back memories of wonderful God moments.  And if I get tired of looking at these photos, I can have some new 8X10s printed of other photos and switch them out from time to time!

So for those of you who are praying for and supporting me on this new adventure, here are some photos of my new space so you can imagine where  much learning, reading, research and writing will be happening over the next two years (we hope!).  As well as sleeping and other assorted activities.

Added bonus, I have a huge walk in closet with great shelving so hopefully I can keep things organized and relatively clutter free.

Well, that's all I have to report from my physical transition.  Tomorrow I have my first orientation for the Bernadin Scholars program.  Friday is new student orientation.  Classes start Tuesday.  See that top shelf of books on the bookshelf.  I will be reading all of those this semester.  I will certainly be busy!

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