Chicago Connections

Transitions can be tough.  For one thing, you can be distracted and this can lead to interesting situations. A few days before I left Seattle, for example, I took a tumble down the stairs.  No bones were broken, just some bumps and bruises which are now on their way to healing and made the last bit of moving more interesting.  Such things are not unheard of during transitions.

Aside from the physical transition, there's also the opportunity and challenge of making connections in your new city.  Here I have a leg up, so to speak.  My sister and her family live not that far away.  One of my good friends from Giving Voice is also starting at CTU and living on my floor in the residence hall.  And this evening we had a gathering of other younger Sisters from various communities living in Chicago.  I was the old lady of the group I think at 40!  It  was good to reconnect, share, and just have fun.

Last week I had two orientations at CTU where I met some of my new classmates and many of the names of CTU staff that now have faces attached to them.  I've also met some of the people living here in the residence hall, although not everyone is here and we won't have our welcome gathering until next week.

All this to say, while this is still a rather large transition, I'm also feeling like I have enough connections with people to feel not quite at home, but pretty comfortable in this new space.  And that is a very good thing.

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