Super Jesus Reprise

Many years ago I wrote a somewhat sacriligious yet written in love blog post about the super hero like qualities of Jesus.  Here's a snippet:

He can walk on water.
He can heal the sick and bring the dead back from life.
He can walk through walls and into locked rooms.
He can bring peace where there is none, and pretty much anything else you can imagine.
'Cause he's Super Jesus.

I even used the create your own South Park character tool to make my own image of Super Jesus. I'll copy him below:

I was reminded about this silly God moment when I spotted the following painting hanging on the wall in the Atrium of the Catholic Theological Union.

Can you see the similarity? Except his super hero symbol, fittingly, has been transformed into the Sacred Heart.  Cool, although perhaps not the desired effect.

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Garpu said...

And he isn't white! Then again you don't see too many Nordic-looking Jesus pictures anymore.