Advent waiting

How on earth did it get to be the first Sunday in Advent? The start of our Church year snuck up on me with everything going on in my life. All the more reason to pause and be intentional during this special season of waiting.

I took some time this morning to set up my prayer space for Advent. I always have a prayer table which includes sacred to me objects: my copy of my perpetual vows and profession cross, pictures of our community founders, icons of Jesus and St Joseph of Peace, a statue of Mary that belonged to my mom. For Advent I added a purple hued scarf of my grandmother's, advent candles and a small nativity set from the Holy Land that was given to me by the folks at Pax Christi in London when I ministered there as a novice.

Mary and Joseph are waiting for Jesus. He won't appear until Christmas.  This is the season of anticipation after all.

Blessings of Advent peace to you all. May you find ways to create space and time for waiting these Advent days. Peace.

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