Today is December 1st.  If my mom had not passed away nine years ago, she would have turned 78 today.

Of course I still miss her, especially on days like today.  But I also know that she is present to us in so many different ways.  This morning when I woke up, I thought of her and wished her a Happy Birthday.  And then promptly asked for her to be with me and help me finish writing my term paper today! She was always interested and supportive in our studies after all. 

Most of my pictures of mom are print and not digital.  This cropped photo is from our illustrious family portrait when I was a baby.  I love it for two reasons.  One, my sock is falling off.  Two, she has that twinkle in her eye and that knowing smile/smirk that I knew well.  Captures her essence perfectly, and with 70s style.

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