Family Time

The nights are getting darker and darker.  The lights of the season shine bright.  The shopping malls are buzzing.  The airports equally so.  Must be the Christmas Season.

I'm having a family Christmas in different acts.  Today I went with my big sister and her little guy to Navy Pier to visit with Santa.  It was apparently a serious consultation as you can see from the photographic evidence.

We then had some less serious fun at the Winter Wonderland exhibit (that's me and Ash pretending we are elves) and Children's Museum. I also pretended I was a butterfly today and had a pretend snowball fight with a two year old. Enough said.

Tomorrow I am headed to the airport to visit my Dad in DC.  I'll be there until Saturday, coming back to Chicago to spend Christmas Eve with Ash and his Mom and Dad.  I'll be interested to see what he convinced Santa into putting in our stockings this year.

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