Greetings from Sacred Heart Convent, our CSJP regional centre in Rearsby, Leicestershire, England. My visit to what really feels like my UK home has been lovely so far. From when I saw Sister Kathleen's shiny face at the airport arrivals hall to the welcome I received from the Sisters here at Rearsby I have felt loved and embraced by their gracious hospitality. Even though it has been six years since I was last here as a novice, the people and place are familiar and once again I feel right at home. Perhaps I felt most at home after dinner when my assistance in washing up and putting away the dishes was welcomed. I now even know where some of the dishes belong!

At mass and office in the chapel, I loved hearing the cultural nuances between our two English speaking provinces. I had forgotten how instead of saying our straightforward "We pray to the Lord ... Lord hear out prayer," across the pond they say "Lord hear us," followed by "Lord graciously hear us." Or "Lord in your mercy," followed by "Hear our prayer." To me both formulas used here in the UK speak volumes to the love and care God has for us which is lost in the US version. Somehow ours seems more about our wants and needs and less about God's gracious love and care.

Those are some of my middle of the night jet lagged this thoughts. Now to try to get back to sleep!

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