UK Bound

Tomorrow evening I head to the UK to spend some time with my CSJP Sisters across the pond. I haven't been there since my wonderful three month sojourn as an apostolic novice.  I will only be there this time for two weeks, but I am so looking forward to seeing our Sisters and Associates in the UK.  I'll also see some of my US CSJP friends as well who are also making the trip.

My first stop will be our regional center, Sacred Heart Convent in Rearsby, Leicestershire.  Our house there (pictured to the right) is located in the countryside on the outskirts of a quaint village.  It is such a lovely spot, and the women who live there are just as lovely.

After a few days at Rearsby, I will join 40 other CSJP Sisters and Associates for a contemplative retreat experience.  Our CSJP Congregation has made the commitment this year that every Sister and Associate who is able will attend one of three congregation retreats.  The other two retreats in the States took place during my spring Semester, which is why I have the wonderful opportunity to head to the UK to join the last retreat there.  From everything I've heard, I am sure it will be a transformative experience.

After the retreat, I am heading down to London to spend a few days with our Congregation Novitiate.  This also happens to be the same house where I lived for my three months as a novice so it will be like coming home in a way.  I'm really looking forward to visiting with Sister Alexine, who I lived with as a novice and who is now the novice director, and also getting to know the three women who have joined our Congregation as novices.  I'll also be doing a technology workshop of sorts with them, but I'm most excited to just be spending some time with them.

My two weeks will be over before I know it! I might blog from the UK, depending on how technology and timing work out.  If not, rest assured I will share all about it when I get back.

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