Catching Up

Some of the younger women religious
at the 2013 GV Gathering
Sorry for the blog silence! As regular readers know, I've been busy as part of the planning/hosting team for the 2013 Giving Voice National Gathering, otherwise known as the "young nun conference."  If you're interested in what happened at this amazing opportunity for Catholic Sisters in their 20s, 30s, and 40s to creatively engage with their peers across congregations, check out our gathering blog.  I also was invited to offer a "harvest" of our time together on our last day.  I used images for my talk, which I've put together in this video.

To sum up, it was an incredible time with my religious life age peers that fills me with hope, energizes me with creative ideas, and makes be believe once again and always in the future of religious life.  We may be building the bridge as we are walking it, and we might not quite know where the bridge is headed, but we know that we are going there together, answering God's call, seeking to serve God's people in need and continue the mission of Jesus.

In the days since our gathering ended, I've been catching up.  Catching up on some of the follow-up from the conference, including updating our GV podcast channel and creating the GVTV YouTube channel.  Catching up with good friends as I stay in Portland for a few days (I took my Godson to see the Monsters U movie yesterday).  And catching up on some sleep.

Tomorrow I am headed north to Seattle to spend a few weeks catching up with my groovy CSJP Sisters.   I am so looking forward to that time with them.  My spirit needs a CSJP reset.

And so the next few weeks might continue to be slow on the blogging front as I catch up.  Or I might catch a wave of bloggy inspiritation and pop in more frequently.  I'm leaving that one up to the Spirit.

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