Stepping In ...

View of Seattle from the dock at St. Mary-on-the-Lake
I've been here at west coat groovy sister hq (St. Mary-on-the-Lake) for a few days now.  From the very first time I drove onto the property for a vocation retreat in 2004, this has been a place of deep peace and joy for me.  The trees.  The lake. The faith-filled, joyful, playful women.  What more could I want than to spend two gorgeous Seattle weeks here with my CSJP Sisters?

This is my second trip home since I went away to Chicago for grad school last August. It's such a gift how quickly I seem to step into the rhythm of the house.  Literally, it seems, this time.  Our two Sister Sacristans are both otherwise occupied this week,  so I volunteered to take over Sacristan duties in our Chapel while I am here these two weeks.  It's a new way to participate in the life of the community for me.  It's also a new way for me to experience liturgy, setting the table that sets the table, so to speak.  Somehow in all my churchy life so far in parishes and community this task has eluded me.  Lector yes. Sacristan no.

Chapel at St. Mary-on-the-Lake
When I was being trained on Sunday night, I frantically jotted down notes with my thumb on my smart phone and even took a picture of what the table should look like where the chalices/hosts/ purifcators/etc... are put prior to mass to make sure I'd get it right! Not that I don't have an entire house of expert women who could help me along.  Today was my first day on my own and I managed to remember everything ... although I almost forgot the large host that the presider uses during consecration! My trusty list saved the day on that one, however, and all was as it was supposed to be.

I'm enjoying the slower pace here, the good conversations, and the opportunity to pray with my Sisters each day.  I'm also making the rounds of some of our local communities, visiting Sisters who live in Seattle and the surrounding area.  Tonight in fact I'm invited to dinner at the house where I did my groovy sister reserves as a candidate!  First, however, I'm headed back to the chapel for the Holy Hour for Peace that the Sisters have each Tuesday afternoon with our Congregation Weekly Peace Prayer.

Good people.  Good times.

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