Margaret Anna Fridays

Most Fridays I am going to share some words of wisdom from the founder of my religious community, Margaret Anna Cusack, known in religion as Mother Francis Clare. Today's Installment is from her Book of the Blessed Ones written in 1874:

Let us begin to-day, let us begin now. We may expect many failures, we shall meet with many difficulties; but our failures will not become less by waiting nor our difficulties less by delay. Let us also have courage, and persevere. At first the rude or unthankful answer will come out, but remember a first step is gained if we see
even afterwards that we have been rude, or unthankful, or uncourteous. It is a great step. It is a step to thank God for, and to make us take courage. According as we correspond with one grace, our dear Lord will give us another. We ascend the height of sanctity by steps, and a step gained is worth more to our poor souls than if the whole wealth of earth were poured fourth at our feet.
-M.F. Cusack, Book of the Blessed Ones

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