Right Now ... a video prayer reflection

Regular readers of the blog, especially those who know me well but perhaps those who don't as well, most likely can tell that I've been a bit out of sorts and just a tad overwhelmed of late.  It's nothing major, just life at this moment and all that entails, as well as the back story I bring to this moment.

This time of discombobulation, interestingly enough, has also been one of deepening prayer. I generally find, truth be told, that it's in the rough patches of life that I break through to different nooks and crannies of my relationship with God. And yet, it's always a surprise.  God moments generally are surprises.

In any case, while I haven not broken through to the other side just yet, I am in a space where what I can do right now is not only enough, it's good. For now. For this moment.  And for the next step.  Or, in the words of the short but sweet song "Right Now" by Sara Groves:

I have everything I need to be myself
I have what I need to love you ...
What you want from me,
I can do it right now

Words + music + pictures in this video prayer reflection. Amen

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