The hills are alive ... with the sound of homework

Blog activity has been especially light these past few weeks, especially as we approach the end of the Spring Semester. Papers, projects, and the like with deadlines fast approaching.

Time marches forward so quickly, especially as I get older. This semester is my last one of classes for my MA program here at CTU. Over the summer, in the midst of retreat, community, various religious life stuff, and time with my Dad I will be crafting my questions for my comprehensive exams. Summer has me bi-locating between Chicago & Seattle for various meetings and events with in between time to work on comps questions at CTU.

When I get back to Chicago after our Congregation Chapter (I'm a delegate!) in mid-September, I will study, study, study and get ready for comps in late November. Then, in the winter/spring it will be thesis writing and my final class for my spirituality certificate. Which means, by this time next year, I will be getting ready to graduate!

But for now ... homework.

Except for tomorrow, when I head with my Dad and my sister to see the Sound of Music at Lyric Opera! How's that for a study break?

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