Enveloped in Bird Song

Normally I live on the south side of Chicago where I hear city noises outside my window: cars driving by, stereos, airplanes overhead, the train clanking on the nearby tracks, and the incessant noise of the car alarm in the middle of the night.

I spent a week on a silent retreat, meaning I was silent and didn't have anyone to talk to. But it was by no means silent. You see, I was enveloped in bird song. So many birds: cardinals, bluejays, orioles (yes, I know those birds because of the sports teams), some wood peckers and so many other beautiful winged creatures with names that remain a mystery to me.

I am not normally a bird aficionado, but this crowd caught my heart.  They also were the soundtrack for my prayers. And an inspiration. I'd like to share with you a poem that I wrote, called "Enveloped in Bird Song," and then share a video of morning prayer with the birds so you can enjoy the experience as well.  First the poem.

"Enveloped in Bird Song"
Morning coffee and prayer
enveloped in bird song, I read:

'Did your heart never fill with wordless
wonder when you heard a bird sing?' [Anthony DeMello, SJ]

Enveloped in bird song, I read:

'Let all the earth cry out to God
with joy! [Psalm 100]

Enveloped in bird song,

I sit,
eyes closed,
ears wide open,
heart softened.

So much joy.
So much wonder.
So much love.

Enveloped in bird song.
Enveloped in bird song.
Enveloped in bird song.

And, here's a video for your own morning prayer with the birds!

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