letting yourself be loved

I read a biography of Pope Francis on retreat (one I borrowed from my Dad whose name is also Francis, my original "Papa Francisco). I found myself touched again reflecting on the simple gestures of his first days.

I also came across this quote from Pope Francis. I read this on the first full day of my retreat, and it really became an invitation to me:

Look, there is someone who wants what is good for you, who calls you by name, who has chosen you. The one thing that is asked of you is that you let yourself be loved. - Pope Francis

The one thing that is asked of me is that I let myself be loved. How simple, yet how powerful is that? God is love, yes, but how often do we really relish in being God's beloved?

As I said, I took this as an invitation, to let myself be loved during my week long hermitage retreat. In prayer. Sitting in the sun. Watching the birds. Using my body to hike up steep hills and then bask in the beauty of the meadow. Enjoying a sunset. Love.

I was also inspired by this quote to create a little video prayer reflection which I'd like to share with you.

Where would you be without God's love?

How do you let yourself be loved?

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