Happy Founders Day!

Today is Founders Day, a special day in our Congregation. Our founder Mother Clare (Margaret Anna Cusack), died on June 5, 1899. To celebrate Founders Day, I'd like to share with you this excerpt from The Nun of Kenmare, her autobiography, recounting her audience with Pope Leo XIII on the founding of the new order, St. Joseph's Sisters of Peace:

My audience [with Pope Leo XIII] was entirely private, as I did not require an interpreter. Mgr. Macchi brought in the whole set of my books to his holiness, who looked at them, I think somewhat surprised at the number. Some of them were duplicated, having been translated into German, French, and Italian. ...

His holiness specially commended the plan of my new order, and encouraged me in every way to continue writing. He gave his blessing to all the sisters present and to come, and to all those who would contribute to my work. I cannot forget his paternal and affectionate kindness, and the sympathy he expressed for the troubles I had gone through. My last audience was a public one, and at this the Holy Father noticed me specially, and spoke to those who were standing around, explaining to them in a few words that we were Sisters of Peace, and the object of our work.
~M. F. Cusack, The Nun of Kenmare, 1889

Margaret Anna Cusack is an historical figure, a remarkable woman, and an amazing spiritual friend. This Founders Day, I invite you to visit the "Our Roots"section of the CSJP website to learn more about her and our other pioneer Sisters.

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