Christmas gifts from the homeless

I drove the shelter van this morning, ferrying 3 homeless women and their children from the church where they spent the night to the day center. I've done this before, always at 7 am when folks are still pretty sleepy (me included although I try to be safe of course).

This morning I was struck by these amazing women. Living on the edge, facing seemingly insurmountable odds. Lives filled with I'm sure much pain and sorrow. And yet, my half hour drive with them yesterday morning and again today made me feel lucky to be in their presence. I can't quite explain it but I truly felt like God is with us - Emmanuel. What a gift this week before Christmas.

Their genuine concern for each other. Their ability to take what life deals them and still have hope. One of the women was suffering from an abscessed tooth. The other was headed to a funeral for a family member who had just died of cancer. The third was looking at a 2 hour bus ride this morning to take her ADHD-diagnosed son to the doctor.

And what was I doing? Dreading go to work and then to a night meeting at church this evening. And the constant wondering what I'm supposed to do with my life of course. But still, puts it all in perspective.

Thanks for putting them in my path this week, God. I needed that.

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