Taking a break

Tonight I was supposed to hang out with friends for my 4th Christmas potluck in 3 days! Much as I love my friends, the thought exhausted me. I feel like I've been going non-stop for the past two weeks. Going from thing to thing to thing.

So I bailed out of the potluck tonight. Went for a long walk instead and a quiet dinner alone. Saw the neighborhood Christmas lights. Picked up some eggnog at the store. Nice ... Planning to log off soon and just "BE" for a bit.

Tomorrow I'm taking a vacation day from work. Headed up to Seattle to visit with a cool Sister I met at a vocation discernment retreat in October. Should be fun, and hopefully restful in its own way (although still part of this whole process of mine.) Will be back Sunday (where I'm already scheduled to go to a thing and then another thing and then mass. The cycle begins again....)


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