Talking to God in the shower.

Do you ever have those days where you're unable to focus at work. Where you have this giant project to tackle which you know is well within the scope of your capabilities, but you just can't seem to make sense of it all or do what needs to be done?

I've been having MONTHS like that at work. Partly I think because my mind has been elsewhere. Hard to focus on my bureaucratic duties today when part of my mind is thinking about all the amazing things in store for me in this cool future I'm discerning.

Today I had an important meeting that I needed to be prepared for. Yesterday I was useless. Everything I did went wrong and for the life of me I couldn't make sense of this project. …

So, I decided to take it to prayer. This morning in the shower (I have the best conversations with God in the shower) I decided to give it all up to God. Both the constant pondering about my future which always seems to be running in the back of my mind AND the work I needed to tackle today. "Today God," the shower conversation went, "I'll let you worry about my future. And I need your help focusing at work and getting ready for this meeting. I can't seem do it on my own."

Lo and behold, what happened when I got to work? Everything that I've been confused about for months made sense. My memo to the attorney essentially wrote itself. I had a breakthrough on another project I've been stuck on. My meeting went well. And I managed to have fun at our Holiday Potluck besides!!!!

A great day. Thanks God!


Anonymous said...

I talk to God in the shower too. We have our best conversations there.

Nicole-Seven Mountains.

Soul_Seeker said...

haha, I pray in the shower, too. The bathroom is a holy place for me. I arrive at profound realizations and make important decisions while I'm in the bathroom.