It's official!

Got my letter in the mail today from the formation director so it's official. I'm now a pre-candidate and continuing this discernment journey, but now I'm not only discerning if I might be called to religious life, I'm discerning if I might be called to that life with the Sisters of St Joseph of Peace.

The letter was nice. She affirmed my feeling of resonance with the CSJP charism of justice and peace - which to anyone who knows me know is "just me." She also wrote that just as I've been feeling at home, they've been feeling that I'm compatible with them.

All in all a nice letter to get as I'm still sick home with this nasty bug.

Tomorrow though it's back to work. And so much to do! I really do need to find motivation again at work. I've started this next stage of my journey but that doesn't mean I can give up on my present committments.

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