Refreshing portrayal of a Sister on TV

Exciting Saturday Night … stayed home and watched Law & Order while catching up on laundry. On Law & Order SVU there was a minor recurring character in the episode who was a Catholic Sister. And much to my surprise, she seemed an accurate portrayal of a contemporary sister doing street ministry. No habit. African American. Regular street clothes. Running a women’s shelter. Knows the homeless by name. Even worked with the police to get money from the state for a proper burial for one of her homeless clients who was killed.
Today’s theme is refreshing I guess, but this was definitely refreshing.

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Susan Rose, CSJP said...

Her name is Sister Peg. She was on last week's episode too. Unfortunately she was also kidnapped and almost raped on last week's episode.... Everyone kicked right into gear looking for her, and she was found safe and sound, albeit with a few scrapes.

Guess shes a recurring character...