If Saul could become Paul

Last evening found me on a long walk with God in the woods …. after a rough day, I needed to just BE with God for a good long honest chat. No need to go into details, but the message I kept getting yesterday (from several sources) had to do with my need to reconcile with people, to respond to hatred, injury, doubt, and darkness not with the same (as I’m often sorely tempted and do more often than I’d like) but with love, pardon, faith and light. Let’s just say I realized I’ve haven’t been entirely "Christian" to some folks in my life. We had a good chat, God & me. Woke up feeling better about the whole thing and ready to start anew.

Then this morning during my prayer time, I read the today's first reading which is from Acts of the Apostles … the Conversion of St. Paul. Now, if THIS guy could do it, well ….. Let’s just say this was the perfect reading for me this morning.

I woke up early this morning. I think I might actually make it to work on time! After work I’m headed to the Oregon Coast for a parish Young Adult Retreat. Looking forward to some time for prayer and fellowship with my friends …. and some long walks on the beach. So, no more posts for a few days.

May Christ's peace be with you all....

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niebuhrian said...

I think that is a most difficult proposition to undertake. To enter into the darkness that others bring to our doorsteps, and yet remain in some state of light.

That is the hardest part of this journey for me as well. To be present with others and the pain and torment they bring, and then to be who I am both with and apart from them. It is the only way for me to respond in the manner that befits me. For me to serve, I must realize my distinctiveness apart from others, and in that realization find what brings us together.

Not sure if that made a lot of sense, but it worked in my mind for some reason. I hope your retreat went well.

grace and peace