Hindering God

This phrase jumped out at me from this morning's Liturgical readings (Acts 11:17): "…who was I to be able to hinder God?"

First of all, how cool is it that we can read the same passage countless times, yet each time something different speaks to us. We hear the message we need to hear at that moment. Those words written down long ago are not merely words, but the LIVING word of God. Pretty darn cool...

Anyway, back to the phrase that spoke to me this morning. I think we sometimes go through life subconsciously trying to create barriers. Trying to hinder God. Christ gave his Peace to us. We have the key, the map to guide us on the path of life. And yet we build these barriers. Between countries. Between groups of people. For some reason we try so hard to hinder God, and yet, who are we to do so? What keeps us from accepting and sharing Christ's peace.... and not just at church on Sundays?


On another note, please keep my family friends Don & Bev in your prayers. Don had cancer surgery a few weeks ago and is now suffering some very serious complications. Don & Bev are old friends of my parents, and were so very present to me when my mother was dying, and then when my father had emergency brain surgery last fall. They are 3,000 miles away in Maryland, but I am with them in prayer.

And we are all also in prayer with the College of Cardinals in Rome. May the Holy Spirit guide their deliberations as they select the next Shepherd for our Church. Fitting that the conclave starts on the heels of Good Shepherd Sunday.


And lastly, I made it to work on time again this morning! Two days in a row!!! And this DESPITE briefly falling asleep during my morning prayer time this morning :). Somehow solving the mystery (that I was late every day merely because I didn't want to be here) has helped. We'll see how long I can keep it up.

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Susan Rose, CSJP said...

Just had another thought on this, linked to the "Conclave Watch."

I keep hearing many people say (and I've said it too) that they're worried about a certain someone (Ratzinger) becoming Pope.

In light of this scripture passage, who are we to hinder God? God's in charge. The Holy Spirit will be present. And the end result will show (I hope and pray) that ALL WILL BE WELL!!!!!