Making Room

Over the last year I’ve collected quite the assortment of glossy vocation brochures and mailings from different religious orders. It was a fun exercise … kind of like getting info in the mail from colleges. I also met some great women along the way – mostly via e-mail and phone. Last Friday I had breakfast with a vocation director that I talked with via phone last summer. She was in town visiting a friend. It was nice to put a face to the voice and to update her on my journey.

In February I made the first official decision of this vocation journey of mine (aside from the huge first step of deciding to stop ignoring that persistent voice and explore the whole crazy idea), and applied to be a pre-candidate with the groovy sisters. Totally the right decision – it just feels so natural. The more I get to know this amazing group of women committed to justice and living the Gospel in their lives, the more I think maybe I can do this after all.

So today, I decided to recycle all the vocation material and make room in the file drawer for the discernment material from the groovy sisters (which is currently littering my bedroom floor). The decision in February was the official one, this one is more symbolic. It was hard in a way. As much as I know in my heart that I’m meant to be discerning with the groovy sisters, the other communities are full of amazing women doing great things as well. Please pray that these communities will continue to flourish, and that women and men who are having those persistent thoughts take the time to consider what they might mean.

Next weekend I’m headed up North to hang out with the groovy sisters. It’ll be something to look forward to during my super busy week.

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Lauren said...

Susan ~ Are you a candidate yet?

Good luck?!