The Gift of Flight

Do you ever stop and think, as you’re sitting in one of those tiny little airline seats wedged in between two strangers as the wheels go up (or down) as you ascend (or descend) on your way to (or from) somewhere …. WOW! Thanks God for the gift of flight.

I try to remember just how amazing it is that within a few hours we can be somewhere completely different. Of course it doesn’t help when your flight is cancelled and you get home 5 hours later than planned … but I got home safe and sound.

The trip was good. I had a blast being plain old "Aunt Susan" with the 2 nieces. It was wonderful being there for Eileen’s First Communion. It was great seeing my sister and her husband. The whole family seems to be doing really well. And to spend some time with my Dad, although that part was a bit frustrating at times. He and I have what we’ll call a "challenging" relationship. He pushes all my buttons and I ALWAYS react. No matter how much I pray about it or promise myself I won’t react, I do. So knowing he’s who is and isn’t going to change any time soon, the frustration was more with myself for reacting with my head/ego rather than with my heart/compassion.

Alas … I am not perfect. … But we knew that one already. One thing I am is tuckered out so I’m going to sign off and try to get some sleep before I head back to the grind in the morning.


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