Rum Rum Rummage

I took two car loads of rummage to church for our sale next weekend. It was a relief to get rid of stuff, but there’s SO MUCH MORE!!!!!!! One day I’m going to need to have a very small amount of stuff. I’m thinking a carload would be still be a lot to take with me when I enter novitiate. And after taking two car loads to church I still have a two bedroom apartment full of random crap. Suppose the only thing to do is to keep chipping away at it. Just like I keep chipping away at my debt.

Alas .. at least I don’t buy things anymore. But can someone tell me why I had not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4, but 7 black purses? All pretty much the same style with very slight variations. What was I thinking? No wonder I’m in debt.


~m2~ said...

susan, i am wondering how much you need to whittle down to?

watching you go through this process is making me painfully aware of all the *stuff* i have. makes me yearn for a yard sale (so i can use the proceeds to buy more stuff...)

the reverend mommy said...

I'm in the mood to push stuff out the door, as well. I'm starting today in the Utility room and garage. I haven't parked the car in the garage in months and there is no room for utility in the Utility room right now. (DeLurking, been reading for a while and am enjoying it.)

ShadowMayhem said...

My biggest problem is Books...when I left new orleans last june I had a carload (packed) full of stuff and that was alot of stuff... now I have more stuff, and I wonder how much of it I really need. Now the books on the otherhand, I have just about every subject imaginable on religion, it took up a good 1/3rd pf the car, the other 2/3rds was taken up by cloathes, and random stuff, my cat and me.

Lorem ipsum said...

Ummm... maybe all those black purses are some subconscious yearning to be a sister?

Seriously, good for you. It'll make people happy and raise some funds for your church in the process.

Jocelyne said...

I hear you. We took 3 carloads to the Knights of Columbus Junque Sale this past weekend and 1 carload to the Pro-Life thrift store. And only last fall, we took numerous carloads to the Parish Bazaar ... and yes, we still have so much stuff! I have hopes that if we just keep donating AND stop buying things, in about ten years or so, we might actually become uncluttered.