Big Brother Turns 40

Today is my brother Michael's 40th Birthday. Wow. I'm 7 years younger and that even makes me feel old! But my brother is not old. He is wise and loving and funny and stylish and has great taste in music. And he will always be young at heart, even when he turns 80!

I was lucky enough to be one of those girls with a cool older brother living in the City who would actually hang out with me. Weekends in high school would find me driving up to Baltimore to see my big brother. We'd go to shows, visit with his friends, and just generally be. I've always had tips on the latest bands thanks to my big brother.

As we've gotten older our relationship has matured. In times of trouble, I know I can turn to him and vice versa. When I do something stupid (like knock the side mirror off my car!) and my deepest desire is to talk to my mom who will make it all better, I can't tell you what it means to me to have my big brother who I can call and who will also make it all better. And at good times I can call him and celebrate.

My brother is not just my brother, he's my friend.

Happy Birthday Big Brother!

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