vacation ... finally

Summer's basically over but it's now time for MY vacation. Only 3 days away from the office, but I'm actually going somewhere. If Hurricane Rita cooperates that is. I'm flying from Portland to DC. You'd think the Hurricane wouldn't pose a problem. But I'm flying through Houston. Hence the problem. I called to see about rebooking an alternate route but that would have cost $900. So I'm taking the chance with my originally scheduled redeye flight Wednesday night/Thursday morning.

Expected highlights of my trip?
  • Quality father-daughter time (the main purpose of the trip) hopefully with an art gallery or Smithsionian museum part of the bargain! That's what I miss most about DC.
  • A visit to my mom's gravesite. Grandma & Granddad too who are just up the hill.
  • A chance to get to know Sr. Sheila (groovy sister congregation leader) and Sr. Terry (assistant leader) better. They live in DC and will be my hosts as my dad's place doesn't welcome visitors. Also hoping my Dad can meet them and that will help him get a handle on this whole vocation thing.
  • The Peace March & Rally on Saturday (with the Sisters). My first "March on Washington" type event!!! And how cool that I get to be part of the groovy sister contingent? Sisters of Peace after all...
  • Dinner with my former pastor and good friend Fr. Steve. He moved to DC last year.
  • And the added bonus, a real life interaction with my bloggy friend Omis! As part of one of the events listed above but I'm not going to say which one :)

The muggy weather I'm not looking forward too, but I'll live. As you can see I've got lots of other things to look forward to in an action packed few days. Hope (and pray) Rita cooperates and I get out of town. Theoretically I should be fine, since my flight from Portland gets into Houston at 6 and my flight to BWI leaves at 8 am. We'll see.

Not sure what my internet access will be like. Might check in from DC. Might not.


Steph said...

Awwwww ..... say hi to my town for me .... can I maybe hide in your suitcase?

ShadowMayhem said...

Hope you have fun in my neck of the woods... I will be working at starbucks that day...:(

"Omis" said...

If Rita disrupts your flights, CO (I'm assuming you're on CO since you're going through Houston and your rebooking is so expensive) should have a reaccomodation policy in effect. They'll wait until the storm actually disrupts operations at IAH, but be sure to check their website fequently before you leave.

"Omis" said...

P.S. Looking foward to Sunday!!

Steph said...

Obviously, the spam-commenter didn't pay attention to whose blog this is!!! :-)

"Omis" said...


Susan Rose, CSJP said...

You leave your blog alone for a few days and this is what happens! I've removed the spam. That was pretty funny (sexual content for those who didn't read it).

Word verification is not fool proof it would seem