greetings from up north

Checking in from Bellingham, using the computer at Sr. Grace & Siobahn's house. The Grandmother's Gathering at the Indian Reservation was great. Lots of great stories and wisdom being passed on. We then headed to Srs. G & S's (another Sister lives here too - Ellen - but she's in Ireland visitng family). It's been our own version of a grandmother's gathering. So many stories ... and wisdom. It's been an honor to be here, and an enjoyable one at that. Plus they've just taken such good care of us, here in yet another home away from home.

Today we also had a grand tour of the area from Annie, one of the groovy sisters' associates (lay people who have an affinity with the charism and associate with the community, hence the term "associate"). We even got to see the old site of the Novitiate, once a private home, then the sisters' novitiate, now a place for weddings and fancy parties. I've heard so many stories of the place, it was great to see it.

This evening we were treated to a feast by Sister Mary Therese. Great conversation as well.

Tomorrow mass in the morning. Then I'll drop Hellen back off at the groovy sisters' spot on the lake (where she's living) and I'll head back to Portland.

Our grand summer tour of groovy sister spots in the Northwest will be officially over. It's been great to get more of a sense of the community. And to get to know some sisters better. Most of all it's been great to have the affirmation, over and over again, that this really is home. No matter where "there" is.

Hope you're all doing well!



ShadowMayhem said...

guess what... I got the job I was gunning for... YAY real money for a change...we are talking in the 30's here... whoo hoo... this will be the most I have ever made at a job... I am so excited... and I will be working with the Jesuits again...


Susan Rose, CSJP said...

That's great Kat! Thanks for sharing the good news.