off again off again

Hey kids. Well, guess what. Yep, you guessed it. I’m headed out of town again! This time for a little bit longer. I’m working in the morning and then Hellen and I are driving up to the groovy sisters’ spot on the lake. Friday morning we’re headed up to an Indian Reservation near Bellingham where we’ve been invited by Sr. Julie to participate in the Grandmother’s Gathering … a gathering of elders and youth from various indigenous communities. (Sr. Julie works with native americans in downtown Seattle. She’s bringing a group of folks up for the gathering as well.) Then we’re spending the weekend with some of the groovy sisters who live in Bellingham. Maybe check out the hospital there. Get to know them better. I’ll be back on Sunday.

So, be good. Have fun. Enjoy your friends and families and this wonderful gift of life our creator God has given us.

Peace Out,


Michelle said...

He he -- those groovy sisters look like they've got it nice -- place on the lake and everything! :)

Hope it's a great weekend!

Omis said...

How on earth do you get all this time off?? LOL

Susan Rose, CSJP said...

A quick note. I'm using the common computer in the sisters' library.

Yes the spot on the lake is nice and peaceful. They're working to make it a peace & spirituality center so they can share this sacred space.

As to the time off, well, as I went to work early this morning at the crack of dawn to get things done so I could leave at noon, I was wondering that myself. I don't really have the time. Well, I technically have the time. 10 years in government gives you lots of paid leave. But I have so much to do and it's getting a bit difficult balancing it all.

So, I'm taking a deep breath, thanking God for these women and this place of sanctuary, and planning to hole up in my room and enjoy the quiet this evening.

Tomorrow up at the crack of dawn again, but this time to head to the indian reservation for what I'm sure will be an amazing experience.

Peace out (again).