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Greetings from Groovy Sister HQ. I'm reporting in from the common computer in the library. Looking forward to a quiet evening in my room with the books I'm checking out! I love coming here and perusing the shelves. This time I'm taking a biography of Margaret Anna Cusack (the original groovy sister) by Sr. Margaret O'Neil (who lives here), a collection of poems by Jessica Powers, and a novel by Sigrid Unset. They have a room named after Sigrid Unset at my favorite bed and breakfast place at the Oregon Coast (Sylvia Beach Hotel). I've always wondered who she is and low and behold, here's a book of hers just waiting for me.

I digress. Back to the report. The Welcoming Ritual ("Fly Up Ceremony") was wonderful. Simple and yet full of meaning. Don't know what it is about ritual, but it is important I think to mark the important passages of our journey in life. Hellen and I both shared our commitment to continue discerning with the groovy sisters. We received a peace candle and an icon of St Joseph of Peace (our patron). The community gathered in the chapel then blessed us and our Sister mentors. It was a special moment. And weirdly enough, even though I officially started my candidacy last month, I now feel more part of the family. Kind of the point I suppose. I also think it was good for some of the senior sisters to see some "new blood." Gives them hope. One of them said to me she wanted to wish me congratulations, but she thought maybe she should congratulate the sisters. I said we should all be congratulated. I've found this wonderful community, and pray that I can contribute to the furtherance of their crucial mission of spreading the gospel message of peace.

Before the ceremony I had a chance to meet with Sr. Beth (formation director) and Sr. Julie (my mentor) to go over the specifics of this next year of candidacy. We're still waiting to meet with my local community where I'll be spending my weekend community living experiences. But it is good to have more of an idea of what to expect of this time. Basically I think it's "just" to continue finding balance in my prayer, ministry and community life. A life long journey, but luckily I have some help at this beginning foray on the path.

Hellen & I also had some time to visit. The Sisters gave us loads of welcome cards. We sat together and opened them up. A nice moment. Then we went out for a celebratory dinner.

All in all a great day. My cold even basically went away so I was able to drive up here safely & enjoy it!

Tomorrow a lazy morning, mass with the Sisters, and then a drive back home.

Peace All. Thanks for the fuzzy thoughts.


PS - Sr. Susan (regular reader on this here blog!) jokingly asked at the rehearsal if the phrase "groovy sister" was in the program! I see that Natty & Steph consider their groups of sisters to be pretty groovy too. I think there's more than enough grooviness to go around. The trick is to find where you feel at home. And for me, that is here with the Sisters of St Joseph of Peace. Yeah for me. Yeah for us.

PPS - This is my 300th Post!!


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