peaceful feast day

Today is the Feast of St. Joseph - although since it's Sunday, I think the church is celebrating tomorrow. In any case, it is the feast day for my community ... the Sisters of St Joseph of Peace.

"From the beginning of the congregation
Joseph was chosen as our patron
because he is a model of peace.
His courage to live a life of faith
inspires us to trust in God's abiding love
especially in times of struggle and uncertainty."
(CSJP Constitutions 36)


I just wrote my letter to my formation director expressing my desire for admission to the Congregation Novitiate in the fall. It's the first formal step of the novitiate discernment process. I need to write (another) reflection. And my Sister housemates and a few other Sisters will be asked to write reflections about my readiness as well. Then in May I'll meet with the province leadership for a discernment meeting. But I find it quite fitting that I write the letter to start the ball rolling on this, St. Joseph's special day.


Susan said...

Susan, best wishes to you as you take this new step. I am a Sister of St. Joseph of Rochester and have been reading your blog for a while. Of course you are in my prayer.

Anonymous said...

Susan: Congratulations and good luck! I got goose bumps reading about your writing a formal letter for admission, as it was so easy to see myself in that position in the next year or so! Excitement, anticipation, uncertainty, but above all, peace.

Lisa said...

Indeed, it's in God's time with your decision to begin the letter on the feast of Saint Joseph. God's peace be your constant guide and good Saint Joseph watch over you along the ride.