one year later

Hat tip to
Sr. Clare Joy for the bloggy toy.

So it has been a year since Pope Benedict XVI was elected. Liberals thought the world would end, conservatives had high hopes. You can go back in time and read my thoughts here and here if you so desire. But in the end, the world has not ended. The Holy Spirit is indeed with us. God is in charge. All will be well.

For some spin and take on the past year with PBXVI, you can check out WaPo & NPR .


A said...

Nice perspective. :)

And I always like the allusion to Julian of Norwich.

Peace to you

Paula said...

Susan, pope Benedict is from Bavaria (Bayern)and he loves cats.When i learned these 2 facts about him last year, shortly after his election, i was thinking: it cannot turn out too bad.It didn´t.:-).