back on the other side of the hudson

This is the view from the retreat center in Ossining where we have our Intercommunity Novitiate Program each week. Amazing, eh?

I'm back on my side of the Hudson, 45 minutes south. My view here at home across the river is of the Bronx ... not quite as picturesque as this one. But neat to have the two perspectives.

Yesterday during our free time I went for a walk with camera in tow. The weather was perfect ... a nice gentle breeze so it was cool, but the sun was shining so it was warm. Wonderful.

It was a good two days. Interesting classes. Good conversations. I think we are really forming community. We also had our first charism presentation. Each congregation takes an evening to tell about their community. This week it was the Sisters of St. John the Baptist (CSJB to our CSJP). It was their founding day ... the 128th anniversary of their founding. I can really see now how the novice from their community fits with that group. Our church is so blessed to have such a depth and variety of charisms.


Lisa said...

Glad that life in "Jersey" is moving along well.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful view!

Anonymous said...

Since I started working for a Catholic organization I have run across this strange word "carism" several times. I'm still not sure what exactly it means. Care to illuminate me?

Katie said...

Beautiful! What a wonderful place to learn, reflect, and discuss.