time warps and reminders

I've been getting over a stomach bug, so I've been laying pretty low. Today I felt MUCH better, so I of course overexerted myelf. What exactly did I do to make myself so tired? I went to the grocery store AND cooked dinner! My how my life has changed. :)

We've all been feeling busy here at the Novitiate, but when I say that to friends back home and they ask me what I'm so busy doing, I feel lame saying "Well, today I had a meeting with my Novice director at 11, and tomorrow I have an appointment at 10 with my spiritual director." Novitiate is certainly a time warp.

I've been getting reminders of my previous life lately, where I'd be doing ten times as many things and would not be nearly so tired. The other day the postal service sent me a reminder from my mechanic that my car (which I no longer own) is due for service. A few days later our groovy vocation director e-mailed me to tell me that her nephew (who bought my car) has put in tinted windows and a new speaker system and details the car every week. Good to know it's loved. I'm also still on a few e-mail lists so I can stay up to date on the goings on at my parish and in Portland politics. I guess it would be safe to say that while I'm doing fairly well at being present here, I'm still going through the process of detachment.

By the way, I think there's a reason why I can feel so busy and be so tired when my schedule is comparatively so free. There's also a lot more time for discernment, spiritual work and prayer in my schedule these days. And those things are exhausting!

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