the decemberists

Some of my bloggy friends share my taste in indie-music. I thought I'd share this tidbit on the off chance that one or more of you likes the Decemberists (a Portland band) and is contemplating checking out their spring tour when they head to your town: $1.00 of every pre-sale ticket for every show sold through Ducat King will go to the Sisters of the Road Cafe!

Sisters of the Road is an amazing organization located in the Old Town section of Portland. As their website says:
Sisters Of The Road supports community driven solutions to the calamities of homelessness and poverty, in an atmosphere of gentle personalism and nonviolence. Our Portland, Oregon café is open to everyone, serving low cost, hot, nutritious meals that can be purchased in a variety of ways, including with cash, food stamps, or in exchange for work. We also provide job training, support to parents and childen, and innovative solutions to the issues surrounding poverty and homelessness through self and community advocacy.
We used to sell Sisters' meal coupons after masses at our parish that parishioners could give to folks on the street who asked for spare change. Simply put, Sisters of the Road rocks - which is why I guess it makes perfect sense that the Decemberists are supporting them!

The Decemberists latest album, The Crane Wife, is awesome by the way. I actually purchased it awhile back from I Tunes, but you can listen to it free here. My favorite songs are The Crane Wife 3 and O Valencia!

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